Product Manager based out of India 🇮🇳

I work with product teams, observe industry trends and learn obsessively on the go.

My Mantra:

Plan using first principles → Do stuff → Measure impact → Learn → Incorporate learnings → Do more stuff

About Me

A curious tech geek since childhood, I expanded my knowledge horizon in my UG degree at IIT, Varanasi where I gained more experience in academic research and product development.

While tinkering around various projects I acknowledged my years-old taste in product management. Since then I have been working with growing startups (Currently @ Graphy by Unacademy,, writing, reading, and collecting my thoughts on products and strategy.

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I publish free stuff regularly


Ivy Insights

Your appetizing TechBrunch, seasoned with Product Analysis and trending strategies by engineering-hating IITians.

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The Product Bitch

A 10-min podcast, roasting one product at a time. All jokes and facts flow free prioritizing the worst to best features of a tech product.

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